Happy New Year!


I am a little over one month behind eh uh, but the year did start off great! More of that below, but what inspired me to write was a recent article posted by Self magazine regarding their #notakeoutchallenge featured in their February 2016 issue. It made me think of how awesome it is to start the day and year off right and it all starts with food! Self-magazine teamed up with FOOD52 and created this four-week plan to help you become an amazing cook in hopes that you lessen your eat-out moments. I cook so much that this article really resonated with me and how I choose to live my life. You will be amazed at just how good real food tastes with minimal ingredients. Personally, after awhile, even the best restaurants tend to take on this bland taste and makes me not appreciate them as much when I eat out too often (I did this a lot in my 20s). So this year, why not start a healthier lifestyle in your very own kitchen. Try to cook on weekends in order to set yourself up for a healthy week ahead. Rid your pantry and fridge of anything processed and artificial, stick to natural foods, fresh herbs and lemons and limes can do wonders to just about any dish. Cooking ahead just takes a little planning, but isn’t your health worth it? Don’t you want to be able to do all the things you love with a healthy body and mind (not sure that there is a better way)?  Pair that up with a great workout 5- 6x week and you will hold the key to the healthiest longevity combination ever.

Each year I tell Jason and my girlfriends (back when I was single and still today) that we should go somewhere different and so far, our yearly trip to start each New Year is panning out just right! This year, we decided to visit Lake Tahoe (first time) with Jason and my family. We cuddled up in this lovely a-frame my sister found on Airbnb and we absolutely loved it. We arrived as the storm was getting underway, so we just made it to slip into our pjs and blissfully await the morning powder. Waking up to a snowstorm is one of my absolute favorite things.  While out there, we were able to ice-skate, cross-country ski (Jason’s first time and he loved it!), do some snowmobile riding (where I discovered I am a waaaay better passenger than driver) and my favorite before cross-country skiing- snowboarding.  Although I can’t say I was actually standing on the board most of the time, I really enjoyed taking an actual snowboarding lesson and practicing on my own afterwards (falls and all!).

There is something very freeing and exhilarating when doing something on your own that is both challenging and fun, combine that with the outdoors for me and it’s a dream-like experience! I like to think of it as active meditation (since I have a hard time sitting still, unless I am having a lazy day and lounging in my comfy sweats and my many good magazine reads after a good workout -no doubt). As long as there is something that is of interest to me, I am going to try it. After all, what is the worst that can happen?  So I am beginning this year, as I do all years with a fresh take on different ways to enhance my everyday with things I want and wish to do, not what people think I should be doing and that includes food. Plan more delicious meals, trips, go to cool exhibits and museums, learn to do a handstand and the splits, try new foods and occasionally have red meat (grass-fed of course!). Restrictions are only barriers you place on yourself, which means you can also break them. One life, right? If you were reminded of this everyday, what would you do differently and more importantly what are you waiting for?