Perfectly Imperfect

New York, New York. I decided to spend my 41st birthday in this great city at the start of the summer. According to many women, your 40s are the best time in your life and they attribute that primarily to an increase in overall self-confidence, both physically and mentally.  I definitely feel wiser, more confident and more centered than I ever have in my entire life, but I suppose it’s too early to say if that will carry on. Like most, I spent much of my 20s and 30s wondering and stressing over my career, what I wanted to be, do, etc. Looking back, all those past jobs and experiences, paired with this hunger to be an eternal student, have all lead me to where I am today: in a job that allows me to help people improve their health and practice preventive medicine on a daily basis via good quality nutrition (say yes to: greens, fruits, lean meats, beans and legumes!) and exercise (yes, that includes both cardio and strength training!). All those  obstacles ironically, seamlessly blended together perfectly and finally I am starting have a sense that all my dreams and passions in life just might be coming to fruition.

So there I went to enjoy my favorite get-away city, I stayed with a friend who lives in Newport, NJ just across the Hudson River (which has stunning views of New York's Financial District!). NYC always leaves me re-inspired, re-energized, invigorated and wanting to be better, do better, experience more and grasp all that life has to offer with open arms (maybe it’s their amazing rooftops that make me feel like I am walking on top of the world and opportunities seem endless!). NYC is my go-to personal battery charger. On my actual birthday, the first thing I did was workout (shocking, I know.) at our newest Equinox at Brookfield Place near the One World Trade  The impressionably clean, bright, elegant and modern interior left me speechless. I managed to log in a bit more miles because of it (Thank you Equinox, for providing subliminal motivation at its best). As I cycled, I received a birthday call from my first fitness manager at Equinox, which made me reminisce about many things. Once I hung up and got back up on the bike, I thought about how grateful I am to have good health, family, friends, and ongoing support of my peers along with this incredible job that gives me the opportunity to help people improve their health each and every day. 

Leaving Equinox, I visited the New Whitney Museum of American Art  then went to my favorite park in the city, the High Line  where I leisurely walked and observed all the beauty that surrounded me, such as the local artwork, green luscious plants, blossoming flowers and amazing architecture that thrive along the park, filling it with both surprise and peace. I also took the time to look up and observe all the tall buildings surrounding this magical city, like huge arms, adding layers of warmth all around. I stopped at this great LEGO®exhibit and without hesitation dove into my childhood ways. The white LEGO® bricks are part of The Collectivity Project by Olafur Eliasson (open until September 30). The creative installation encourages one to add to its already existing city landscape. There was a mix of adults and kids of all ages building creations from their own imagination. A white mini city built by everyone and there I was, adding pieces to a staircase I found lying there and decided I would make it stand, long and winding. A young boy walked over and started helping me. Of course, just as we thought we had this staircase to nowhere free-standing and stable, I put this last piece on and it topples over (hmmm, that was my sign to step away). 

After my Lego adventure (and thinking I would like to get a few white legos for my own place and master that staircase one day), I decided to lie down on this beautifully designed wooden bench and close my eyes, slowing the pace of both my thoughts and physical being.  I felt this warm subtle summer breeze and it carried with it the smell of fresh blossoming flowers, voices in all different languages and the sweet laughter of children enjoying the late warm sun. I pondered over supposed “wrong turns” I had made, right turns I had encountered and then what the future might hold and what other undoubtedly wrong turns I will likely continue to make. With all the memories and reminiscing (and a late nap, succeeding not to fall of bench) that went on in those lovely minutes that late afternoon, I came to a few life conclusions: I am incredibly content with my life being perfectly imperfect; I look forward to my 40s and hope to continue to share them over some great meals and travels with friends and family.  I will continue to welcome all the exciting adventures that come my way in hopes that one day, I will be the one advising someone in their 40s and will be able to say that mine were lush with excitement, more self-confidence and yes, way more rosé, which I did manage to have later on that evening while watching the sunset over the Hudson River, nostalgically and excitedly anticipating what is yet to come.