Preventive Medicine: Mindful Eating


"If your compassion does not include yourself, then it is incomplete." - Buddha 

Mindful eating is preventive medicine at it’s best. I am currently taking a course called Culinary RX via Roube Cooking School. It is a 60-day online course where you learn from experts in the health field about nutrition and how much you actually have control over so many of the major cardiovascular diseases and even different types of cancer by simply watching what you eat. The course was created primarily for health practitioners who receive little nutritional education in their years of studying medicine, but anyone can take it. The course is designed to help patients/clients develop better eating habits and have less medicines prescribed as the all-time-one-stop-remedy to illness. I am so thrilled to be taking this course and hopefully share with you what I learn along the way. 

Although CulinaryRX does stress a plant based approach to eating and that may be a huge leap for many, including myself, (as I truly enjoy the occasional grilled grass-fed skirt steak sprinkled with some sea salt, sliced against the grain and BAM, just call it a day!) it might be worth considering. Another way to look at this approach might be to consider yourself a “conscience omnivore.” I once heard someone say this about themselves in a video and I liked the way it resonated. You don’t have to go into a complete overhaul of your refrigerator or shopping list, but simply try adding more vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, beans, legumes, etc. into your diet. For those of us that are reluctant to give up our already established habits of eating, the idea of being a “conscious omnivore” might be a good starting point towards improving nutritional habits and considering the importance of mindful eating: being conscious of what you are putting into your mouth because every bite affects every cell and that in turn, affects your mind, then your body and just about everything you do and wish to do in life. 

My Dinner with Longevity Expert, Dan Buettner, No Kale Required

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham

Q by Equinox: Spicy Black Bean Fish Tacos

For the delicious taco recipe, I used some healthier alternatives:  swiss chard instead of romaine, sprouted grain corn tortillas, light coconut milk instead of crème fraîche and salmonWas amazing and super easy to make!