Adventurous Colorado, you stole my heart.

It sure has been awhile since you've heard from me! I recently took a trip to Colorado with my best friend of over 20 years. It was one of the best vacations of my life, by far! Besides driving around everywhere and seeing some amazing view and landscapes, we also did some fun outdoor activities. How could you not in Colorado right? We did things we have never done before! New things are so exciting! I learned how to skate ski (like crosscountry skiing, but you can do lateral movements with these small narrow skis). What a workout ( I also fell like 10x). We hiked the boulders in Boulder and tried snowshoeing for this first time. Since not many are familiar with skate skiing (it was new to me as well), below is a clip I found online.

Snowshoeing was amazing! We liked it so much, we each bought a pair of snowshoes and now they are displayed nicely in my home office.  It is an incredible workout. Snowshoeing feels as if you were wearing boots in deep sand (going uphill)- Imagine that!  

Colorado is such a beautiful place with all of its majestic landscapes and scenery, not to mention the spectacular weather. Denver has 245 guaranteed sunny days in a year! Additionally, the temperature and terrain can change so much within 30 minutes. One minute we were driving through a snowstorm on our way to Vail, then we very aptly made a U-turn (we did not have four-wheel drive) and drove to sunny Boulder, where I hiked up Mount Sanitas. The outdoor activies are endless and you can find one for each weather change. It's such a healthy lifestyle for all the lucky Colorado residents (so jealous, but this only makes me plan my next trip and outdoor activity asap). The people are also so kind and relaxed, must be that MILE HIGH, which surely was contagious. 

Snoeshoeing in Minturn, CO.
Colorado mountain

Colorado mountain